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Questions for a Cloud-Based Future

Everywhere we look, cloud is the big buzzword. Digital transformation insists that we embrace cloud computing as the next evolution of our enterprise. Microsoft, Amazon, Citrix, and VMware, among many others, are all focused on cloud and mobility as the next logical step forward. Upstart companies like Netflix are the trailblazers, embracing the cloud completely and putting less agile competitors like Blockbuster to the sword.

We are being fed a diet of marketing that tells us we should ignore the cloud at our peril. In response, what are the pertinent questions we should be asking to ensure that we make the right decisions for the future shape of our enterprise IT?

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Internet of Things: Expectation of Privacy

For years we have had an expectation of privacy while using our computers, tablets, phones, email, etc. However, with the advent of big data analysis and everything being on the internet, the internet of things, there is no longer the veil that makes up an Expectation of Privacy. Big Data has allowed us to be tracked in new ways and as we add more devices onto the internet, more of our habits will be tracked: Such as location of boats, planes, your mobile device. Purchasing habits, your location within a store, or theme park. Perhaps even your usage of  your toaster, house doors, your refrigerator, etc.

Where do we draw the line?  Is there such a thing as personal privacy anymore or do we assume we are being tracked everywhere? When does our social media life end and privacy begin? What is considered to invasive?

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Public Cloud Reality: Application Security is in your Hands

We recently moved workloads to the public cloud and the public cloud reality does not match the hype, nor does it match the application security requirements of a small or even large organization. There are two sides to the public cloud security discussion, the one that covers management access and the other that covers application security. For the former, you must trust the cloud, however for the later, you basically get the security you bring to the cloud. The public cloud reality is that you do not magically gain application security when using a cloud.

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