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Data Center Virtualization – Virtualizing the Last Mile

Just like a Telco, the ‘last mile’ of Virtualization is often the most difficult, I would say even more difficult than the initial phase of virtualization. What do I mean by the ‘last mile’?

The 5-10% of systems that you have LEFT to virtualize.

These systems are your most highly used, too X to virtualize,  the most complex to migrate, dependent upon specific hardware, or travel around the world (such as laptops and other hand held devices). These issues are also highly political as well.

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Is Desktop Virtualization the Key to an Effective Windows 7 Migration?

Microsoft is due to ship Windows 7 this year. While normally the release of a new desktop OS would not be a major topic in the world of virtualization, it turns out that maybe this time it should be. For the follow reasons:

  1. Based upon early reports of the migration process, it is not going to be easy to migrate Windows XP desktops to Windows 7 (Vista Migrations are supposed to be easy). Windows XP constitutes by far the lion’s share of the installed base of Windows desktops, the early data says that this promises to be an extremely arduous and expensive process for enterprises worldwide.
  2. Once the process of migrating to Windows 7 is complete, will enterprises end up with desktop environments that are fundamentally more manageable than what they have today? The key to avoiding future painful migrations is to put management technologies in place that allow for wholesale changes to the end user computing environment to be much easier than they are today.

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News: Tranxition enters Virtualization Personalization Market with AdaptivePersona

Tranxition is a vendor whose solutions are deployed in two million seats worldwide – but that you have probably never heard of. The company makes migration assistance technology that is bundled into solutions from Scalable Software, Enteo, and HP, and that is also used by large service providers in migration engagements. Today, Tranxition announced a new product, AdaptivePersonna™ that Tranxition will be marketing and selling to end user customers through its own sales channels.

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