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Transformation Is Not Fast

BusinessAgilityDifficulty and complexity are two things human beings tend to avoid. For the most part, people seem to be much happier with concepts that are easy on the brain, take little time to implement, and have the promise of immediate return on investment. This tendency gives rise to quick fixes that are simple and low-cost. The problem with most of these approaches applied to transformation is that transformation does not come with speed or simplicity. I know many organizations that wish it did! It would make it so much easier in my consulting practice, and it would provide services to organizations making transformational changes. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work out that way.

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AWS re:Invent Keynote: 7 Basic Freedoms

BusinessAgilityAndy Jassy, SVP of AWS, made a ton of new announcements in his keynote speech yesterday at the 4th annual AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas. The conference has grown to nearly 20,000 attendees with around 38,000 watching the live streaming event. Continue reading AWS re:Invent Keynote: 7 Basic Freedoms

Do Containers Change Enterprise IT?

CloudComputingIt matters not what conference you attend: the discussion in IT is all about containers and automation. The real question is, “Do containers change enterprise IT?” Some folks say they do in major ways, others are on the fence, and still others are having nothing to do with them. Let us look at all aspects of enterprise IT and determine what needs to change, if anything.

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Agile Transformation Success Story at Valpak

agilecloudAs a consultant, I have witnessed numerous organizations struggling with implementing agile. Agile fail patterns is a topic I have written about often (here, here, and here). Every now and then, I stumble across a company that is having great success with agile. One of the best success stories I have ever seen is from Valpak, out of St. Petersburg, Florida. Since they are right in my back yard, I was able to visit with them in person. Valpak’s transformation from a pure waterfall shop to an agile organization is a textbook example of how to drive change within an organization. Stephanie Stewart, Director of Agile Leadership at Valpak, shared with me her agile transformation story, which is summarized below. Continue reading Agile Transformation Success Story at Valpak