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rPath Addresses Automated Applications Deployment Across Physical, Virtual and Cloud Envionments

rPath has announced that they have added automated model based deployment for Windows applications to their existing capabilities for Linux based applications. Before we go into rPath and this announcement in some more detail, let’s look at the environments that rPath is addressing and now they are changing:

SpringSource – VMWare gets an OSGi Runtime

We’ve looked in detail at VMware‘s acquisition of SpringSource, but if we’re honest it does remain a bit of a puzzle. The VMware faithful are perplexed and the Open Source community behind SpringSource is feeling a little bruised. OK, SpringSource has some management tools, but so do lots of people, and VMware does a lot of management so why is SpringSource being put into a separate division?  And of course, SpringSource has development tools, but what is an infrastructure vendor doing buying a development tools vendor?  It doesn’t happen very often, because it generally doesn’t make sense.  There are too few obvious synergies. Continue reading SpringSource – VMWare gets an OSGi Runtime