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Announcement: Virtual Thoughts Podcast the rebirth

Like all good remakes this is best served cold.  After an hiatus of several months The Virutalization Practice are pleased to bring back to life the Virtual Thoughts podcast.  The subject for the first program is as follows:-

Is the Hypervisor being pushed into hardware, why/why not?

So add the time and date into your calendar and join the Analysts of the The Virtualization Practice for an hour of thoughts and maybe even a little bit of insight into the dark arts that is the virtualisation world

That is Tuesday the 29th June 2010 @ 7:00pm (BST)that is 2:00pm EST and 11:00am PST

Hope to see you there!

News: Cisco Enter the Rack mount market with UCS

We all remember the fanfare that sounded on the release of the UCS Blade technology, well Cisco have just quietly snuck an announcement out of the door about some rack mounted brothers for the Blades,  now these are as usual “more than just a rack mount server” they are the next addition in the “unified compute” space.  In fact John Growdon, Director of Worldwide Channels for Cisco stated “This is not ‘Cisco entering the rack mount space’, I think that diminishes what we are doing here. We are in the unified compute space, and this is a different form factor for us.”

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