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Is there a Cloud over a set of Islands?

I was recently on an island and it got me thinking about whether a set of close islands can support a highly mobile cloud? If not what would be needed to make the Islands Cloud safer from the vagaries of Mother Nature, such as hurricanes, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Can a cloud provider be based on an island? or would it need to be on every island? Only the mainland?

A cloud provider needs several things:

  • Large footprint buildings with adequate cooling, electricity, etc.
  • Fast interconnects between its various locations
  • Redundancy in the form of building, functionality, etc.
  • Protections from all forms of disasters
  • Treaties

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Upgrades to VMware vSphere will Impact Availability and Security!

I was upgrading my nodes from VMware VI3 to VMware vSphere and used the VMware Update Manager to perform the update. Given that my existing filesystems were implemented to meet the requirements of the DISA STIG for ESX, as well as availability. I was surprised to find that when the upgrade of the first node of my cluster completed, that the install did NOT take into account my existing file system structure, but instead imposed the default file system used by the standard VMware vSphere ESX 4 installation.

Why is this an availability and a security issue?

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Virtualizing from an Island?

I was recently on an island and it got me thinking of how would I move my company to the island. The company services people around the world, but would also service local to the island. Does virtualization really help me here? Why do I ask this, because an island is often prone to the vagaries of mother nature: Lava, Flooding, Typhoon, Hurricane, Earthquakes, humidity, desert, power fluctuations, etc. The list is pretty endless. So how would you move a business to or from an Island? Is this where the Cloud becomes a mature component? If so how much cloud do you need?

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VMsafe – Vendor Implementations at VMworld

With the advent of existing VMsafe products from Altor Networks, Reflex Systems, and ones on the horizon from Trend Micro and others in the security space, all administrators should have a clear understanding of how they work under the covers.  Where does VMsafe appear within the stack? Is VMsafe on the incoming physical NICs, within the vSwitch, portgroups, or before or after the vNIC? Can we expect the other aspects of VMsafe to be the same? While I was discussing VMsafe with the vendors, VMware was also going around and talking to all the VMsafe vendors for VMware TV shots.

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Disaster Recovery Maturity shown at VMworld 2009

Overall VMworld 2009 displayed a coming of age; an ecosystem maturity for all vendors, this was evident to all within the category of business continuity and disaster recovery, specifically the many forms of backup creation. Veeam, Vizioncore, and PhD Virtual all showed their latest released products as well as demoing future products that will integrate with VMware vSphere at a much deeper levels than previously available, a’la the VMware vStorage API. All vendors talked about expanding their product support into both Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix XenServer.  This space has become so important that even the traditional backup vendors such as Symantec (BackupExec)and HP (DataProtector) are getting into the act. This demostrates a market matruity in the ecosystem not seen at last years VMworld.

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