Process, People, Ptechnology, and Politics

The four Ps of security, DevOps, Agile Cloud Development, and cloud migration are Process, People, Ptechnology, and Politics. In that order. The Ptechnology piece is by far the easiest piece, though it is often considered to be critical. Without Process …
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I Have a dream, a journey into setting up a startup company today

“I have a dream” is what Martin Luther King Jr. said, and admittedly, his was at least an order of magnitude larger than the dreams of an average company founder. But all companies start with a dream. Dreams are great: …
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Technical Certifications: Why and How?

A plethora of certification options are available from Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, VMware, and other technology companies. Why do people seek technical certifications, and what process does a technology vendor follow in the development of an exam? Most technology vendors publish charts …
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The People behind Virtualization Technologies

As technologists, we tend to focus on a product’s technology itself. How does the software, hardware, appliance, widget, or whatever work? While this is certainly an important consideration, the people who design, build, sell, and support the product may have …
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