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Workflows in the Cloud Are On Track to Expand

Workflows in the cloud are on track to expand to the point that by 2018, three quarters of all workflows will be done in the cloud. Think about that for a moment. Within four years, three quarters of data processed will be processed in the cloud, if an article I came across in CloudTech is correct. The article goes on to present some interesting statistics from Cisco’s latest Cloud Index study, such as a predicted quadrupling of global cloud IP traffic over the next five years.

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The Cloud Is a Journey, Not a Project

Since around the turn of the century, I have had a motto that goes like this: “Virtualization is a journey, not a project.” It seems now would be a good time to bring that slogan up to date, changing the message to “The cloud is a journey, not a project.” It really amazes me when people bring it up in conversation that their company is going to build a cloud to better meet the needs of its users and customers. The only thing that amazes me more is the number of people I have talked to who believe that because they have a few hypervisors with virtual machines, they have a cloud.

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