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Beware of the Franken-Monitor

Ten years ago, legacy management software vendors were busy building Franken-Monitors. Those Franken-Monitors now consist of legacy management offerings that are neither well integrated, nor in any way able to keep up with pace of innovation in the industry. In order to survive your transition to the software-defined data center and the cloud, you will need a management software strategy and a management software architecture that will allow you to keep up with the pace of change without buying or building a Franken-Monitor.

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Management Frameworks Will Die

We are at an unprecedented place in the history of the computer industry. Both technical and economic forces are at work to drive innovation at an unprecedented rate and scale. These forces are creating new types of uses of IT services, new applications, new platforms, new infrastructures, and new models for selling and buying management software. Any form of management software that cannot address these new environments, and keep up with rate of change will die. It is therefore inevitable that management frameworks will die.

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Replacing the Enterprise Management Framework for Virtualized Data Centers

Since the dawn of TCP/IP networks and distributed networks of Intel PC’s and Servers there have been large numbers of point tools designed to monitor and manage specific sets of infrastructure in these networks, and management frameworks from major vendors like CA Technologies, IBM (Tivoli), HP (OpenView and the follow on products) and BMC that were designed to manage the entire network. The frameworks were focused first and foremost on the availability of the hardware that comprises these networks, and have grown over time to look into network utilization and performance as well as resource utilization of servers.

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