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Make vSphere Free. Can VMware Sell Only Support?

Last month, I suggested that VMware could help itself and its customers by opening up. How about if it transformed completely? Could VMware survive if vSphere were free and it only charged for support? What if VMware embraced the idea that hypervisors are a commodity and focused on revenue from management and automation products? What if vSphere didn’t have a lot of different editions?

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Support in the 21st Century Data Center

There is no doubt that virtualization technology has been one of the leading factors in the dramatic changes we have seen inside the 21st century data center. For all practical purposes, the landscape in data centers today looks a lot different than it did before the turn of the century. During this evolution that fundamentally changed the technology environment, how much has the support structure changed to keep up with virtualization and cloud technologies? This is the topic that I would like to focus on in this multipart post, which will explore the different support structures and concepts that have been the standards.

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Public Cloud Reality: Support Responsibility

The Public Cloud Reality around support responsibility is not something often considered, instead we are looking at SLAs, legal documents, compliance documents, and many other items. Do we consider who is ultimately responsible when something goes wrong within the cloud? Is your Cloud provider a full partner or do they limit themselves to a small subset of the implementation? Do they have 24/7 support will be covered by the SLA, but what type of support? How qualified are the clouds support teams to help you with your application’s problems? Who is responsible?

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