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Do You Have a Workspace?

What do you give to the person who has everything? You give them somewhere to keep it. In this post-PC era, we need to provide our users with one place to go to find all of their IT resources. Ten years ago, there were two things that were going to save IT: single sign-on and portals. Neither really did what we wanted, but times have changed. Now we have the workspace category, which combines the two. A workspace is really about bringing access to all your resources to wherever you happen to be.

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Death to Active Directory? Is the Windows Domain Still Relevant in the Modern IT World?

In a meeting recently, I was quite taken aback to hear a reason given for not moving to 2012 R2 forest functional level—a reason to which I hadn’t previously been privy. The stated reason was, “in a few years, the Windows domain won’t be relevant anymore.” As someone who cut his IT teeth on Windows NT domains and has become intimately familiar with the Novell-inspired beast that we all know as Active Directory, I found the concept of an IT function without a domain backbone quite strange. Is there any mileage in the supposition that Windows domains will be irrelevant in the space of merely a few years?

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