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Confio Addresses a “Dark Corner” in Virtualized Database Performance

Confio Software has for years successfully sold database performance management solutions to DBA’s of Orace, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase databases. Confio’s Ignite product line uses an agentless architecture to query a comprehensive set of metrics from these databases, allowing DB’s excellent visibility into the true performance of the database – and especially visibility into latency based issues.

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Monitoring SQL Server Performance on VMware vSphere

VMware has recently posted an article up on its Communities site in the Business Critical Applications section about monitoring SQL Servers that are supporting a business critical application running in a vSphere environment. If this is how VMware thinks critical infrastructure services (database servers, applications servers, web servers, messaging servers, etc.) that support business critical applications should be monitored then it is no wonder that so many customers are struggling to get their business critical application virtualized.

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