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EMC and VMware’s Pivotal Moment

EMC and VMware’s pivotal moment has officially spun off and the Pivotal Initiative, a big data and cloud platform company is slated to go public according to EMC CEO Joe Tucci while speaking with investors at an event in New York. EMC’s chief strategist and ex-CEO of VMware, Paul Maritz, who is leading the Pivotal Initiative, believes and expects it to be a billion dollar business within the next five years if they can get the $400 million initial investment needed to reach that goal. EMC will own 69 percent and VMware will own 31 percent with 1,250 employees and $300 million in revenue.

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Open Source Year in Review

Open Source continues to be an important part of  the mix in Virtualization and Cloud. Indeed, this year has seen major developments in established players at the Operating System and Hypervisor level, as well as a major new cloud entry at the IaaS cloud layer.

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VMworld from an Open Source Perspective

VMworld is clearly the largest dedicated virtualization conference, and yet from an Open Source perspective it is slightly disappointing because the VMware ecosystem naturally attracts proprietary software vendors, and also some of the more interesting activities in Open Source are through multi-vendor foundations which do not have the same marketing budgets as vendors themselves.

Nevertheless, there are a number of key Open Source players, and some interesting smaller players, represented at VMworld.

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VMware Spring + Google: Dramatic PaaS Progress and New SMT Concerns

The previous post Secure Mutli-Tenant Virtualization – How to get there?, was only concerned with Infrastructure as a Service however the new announcement from VMware SpringSource and Google leads to one of the first Platform as a Service that has simplified the motion of applications between different cloud providers, provided the basis for the application exists within the environment. That basis is Spring. Applications built on Spring can now run on Google AppEngine, VMware Clouds such as VMforce, VMware vSphere infrastructures, and other participating clouds.

This is a Wow! moment for the adoption of Java based PaaS Cloud as any real kind of interoperability across these clouds  has been lagging by a large margin. For PaaS and Applications built using the Spring PaaS a solution has been found.

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