VMware Log Insight Just Became a Whole Lot Free-er

Early last week, VMware made its vRealize Log Insight product available in a free limited form. The short version is that every copy of vCenter (full fat, not just essentials, as far as I can see) gets twenty-five restricted licenses of Log …
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Observability, Repeatability, and Visibility

Everyone wants visibility into their hybrid cloud of all resources and subsystems. We have expounded upon this need over the years as well as on how to gain some level of visibility. The tools exist, as do the methodologies. What …
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The New Leaders of the Management Software Industry

AppDynamics, CiRBA, ExtraHop, New Relic, Puppet, SevOne, Splunk, Virtual Instruments, Virtustream, VMware, and VMTurbo have become the new leaders of the new management software industry. These vendors address the new requirements of the software-defined data center and the cloud that are neglected by the blind dinosaur legacy vendors: IBM, BMC, HP, and CA.