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VMware Log Insight Just Became a Whole Lot Free-er


Early last week, VMware made its vRealize Log Insight product available in a free limited form. The short version is that every copy of vCenter (full fat, not just essentials, as far as I can see) gets twenty-five restricted licenses of Log Insight now, rolled out through the usual software channels. This is an automatic upgrade, and the download is available with no further action.

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Observability, Repeatability, and Visibility

PerformanceManagementEveryone wants visibility into their hybrid cloud of all resources and subsystems. We have expounded upon this need over the years as well as on how to gain some level of visibility. The tools exist, as do the methodologies. What we need now is better observability. Visibility is inherent in many tools today, but observability is not. There is one observed basis in every tool to the visible data; we need to go past that to gain better insights.

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The New Leaders of the Management Software Industry

PerformanceManagementSince the inception of the modern software industry in the mid-1980s, the management software industry has been led by the big four: IBM, BMC, HP, and CA. Due to the needs of the software-defined data center and the cloud, a new set of leaders and innovators has emerged. This post will cover the new leaders, and my next post will cover the new innovators.

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Virtualization Security at VMworld

VirtualizationSecurityIt is that time of year again, when we see all the new toys, tools, ideas, and processes that make up the show called VMworld. This year, quite a few changes in virtualization security will be discussed by VMware and other organizations that work with virtual and cloud environments. One of the key messages will be that everyone needs to stop treating virtualization security as something unique and different. Instead of this type of treatment, we have been seeing the extension of existing tools and techniques into virtual and cloud environments. Virtualization and cloud security is a natural progression of all organizational security.
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Will Open Source Kill Splunk?

PerformanceManagementOver at readwrite.com, Matt Asay published a blog post entitled “In A World Of Open Source Big Data, Splunk Should Not Exist.” He then does a pretty good job of debunking his own thesis and explaining why customers continue to pay Splunk big bucks to do what it does. However, since there is so much noise around the question of open-source big data tools as alternatives to Splunk, this question deserves further exploration.

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Real-Time Monitoring: Almost Always a Lie

PerformanceManagementIn Understanding the Value of Unique Management Data, we pointed out that tools that collect unique data about the performance of infrastructure and applications are more likely to be able to provide you the value you want than tools that just rely on commodity data. In this post, we expose the most frequent marketing lie in the management software industry. Continue reading Real-Time Monitoring: Almost Always a Lie