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Open Source Year in Review

Open Source continues to be an important part of  the mix in Virtualization and Cloud. Indeed, this year has seen major developments in established players at the Operating System and Hypervisor level, as well as a major new cloud entry at the IaaS cloud layer.

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Virtual Bridges VERDE 5 extends its reach from desktop to cloud

One week after Austin, TX-based Virtual Bridges Inc. announced that IBM is using its flagship VERDE solution to provide virtual desktop management and provisioning capabilities for the IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform, and just days after Desktone Inc. launched release 3.0 of its desktop cloud management service; Virtual Bridges is back in the news again with its announcement today of VERDE 5.

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Red Hat’s Spice and VMware View’s PCoiP – aligned against Microsoft

In the Red Hat and Microsoft alliance against VMware, there is one  definite area of strain, namely VDI, or more generally  the way to deliver  applications  through a combination of  Presentation Virtualization (i.e. Terminal Services) and/or Hosted Desktops.  See  Andrew’s recent post for a discussion of the various options.   In many ways VMware and Red Hat are natural partners in VDI, and Microsoft and Red Hat on servers.

Red Hat’s emerging VDI offering is based on its acquisition of Qumranet in 2008, more specifically a technology known as Spice which is designed to replace RDP and ICA as the protocol between the server and the client.  Spice was made Open Source at the end of 2009.

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