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SSD options for Virtual (and Physical) Environments: Part I Spinning up to speed on SSD

By Greg Schulz, Server and StorageIO @storageio

Solid-state devices (SSDs) are data storage memory (Figure 1) mediums that utilize semiconductor based memories as opposed to magnetic media found in hard disk drives (HDDs) or magnetic tape.  Semiconductor memories include ultra fast volatile dynamic random access memory (DRAM) commonly found as main memory (e.g. RAM) in servers along with and non-volatile memory (NVM) typically NAND flash. Nand flash based SSDs can be found in cameras (as SD cards), cell phones, iPods, and PDAs, as well as in notebooks, net books, laptops, tablets, and workstations. SSDs are also appearing in larger servers, appliances, and storage systems from consumer to enterprise level.

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