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Your Social Business and Community Strategy

We are now poised at the end of 2015, and one thing still holds true: an inescapable factor in today’s business environment is the constancy of change. Enterprises must adapt to new economic and business imperatives or wither and die; enterprises mastering the art of social business and communities can gain substantial and sustainable advantage. By introducing shareable moments into the routines of your connected customers, your social business and community efforts help them curate interesting and personalized moments, spark threads of interaction, and collaborate with your team members. When shareable experiences are designed into products and services, the stage is set for advocacy and loyalty. Brands are no longer created, they’re co-created.

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Social Servers

The twenty-first century has brought with it the rise of virtualization and cloud computing, along with the ascent of social media. Nowadays, it appears that a solid majority of people have participated in some sort of social media outlet, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yammer, SocialCast, and SnapChat, just to name a few. There is no arguing that there aren’t a number of good things about social media, like the ability to more easily keep in touch with family and friends, but have you ever considered the idea of using social media to keep in touch with your servers? Could having social servers be beneficial in your environment?

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