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The Possibilities Could Be Endless: Virtual Assistant

I want to preface this post with a quote from a movie to set the stage. Bonus points for guessing the movie the quote is from.

Captain: Define “hoe-down.”

Ship’s Computer: Hoe-down: A social gathering at which lively dancing would take place.

[AUTO appears near the captain]

Captain: AUTO! Earth is amazing! These are called “farms.” Humans would put seeds in the ground, pour water on them, and they grow food—like, pizza!

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How Is Artificial Intelligence Development Going in Your Environment?

How is artificial intelligence development going in your environment? That question might make you pause for a moment as you ponder the idea and then find yourself scratching your head wondering what artificial intelligence (AI) I could possibly be referring to. Let me present this construct. Artificial intelligence, much like cloud computing, has a definition that varies depending on who you are talking to.

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End User Computing: Protecting Data From the Device

Some of us have multiple cloud endpoints in the form of mobile end user computing devices all trying to access our personal and corporate data to do our daily jobs. These incredibly useful enduser computing devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) are now a part of our organizations life. So how do we protect our data from them. IBM recently took a draconian measure of banning Siri from their employees iPhones. Yet, how can they enforce such a measure?

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