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Bromium Is a King Hit to the Anti-Virus Establishment

I had the pleasure of speaking with Simon Crosby recently. For those of you who do not recognize the name or are not familiar with XenServer, let me enlighten you. Simon was a co-founder of XenSource (now XenServer), which is a hypervisor that Citrix acquired in order to compete in the VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) space. He left to become one of the co-founders and the CTO of Bromium, and now I understand why! After you listen to our podcast conversation, so will you.

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Defense in Depth: Bromium vSentry for End User Computing

On the 8/9 Virtualization Security podcast, we continued our discussions on defense in depth with a look at end-user computing devices, specifically laptops and endpoint desktops, with Simon Crosby, CTO of Bromium. While we also discussed phones and tablets, we were focused more on the technology preview that now is Bromium vSentry. Bromium vSentry looks to protect laptops (and other machines) from unknown and zero-day attacks in a unique hardware-assisted way. There is now a new tool in our defense in depth toolbox that meets an ever-growing need. But what is the need, and what is the tool? 

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