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ESXi – Closer but still no Cigar

We all know that ESXi is the future for VMware are regards their Hypervisor strategy, however most of you are more that aware pf the issues with the current iteration (see my eariler post) .   Vladan, a French based (well Reunion Island based to be exact) blogger of whom I have great respect, wrote about how ESXi does not support Serial and Parallel ports.

How is this an issue? Vladan correctly states the vast majority of SMB’s still use Parallel and Serial based devices in their environments.  ESX Classic fully supports Serial and Parallel ports but ESXi does not,  surprising considering that they are supposed to use the same code base.  Now according to this KB article there is a workaround, but the fact remains that it is a workaround and not a true solution as the use of named pipes will require communication from a VM to the management appliance where you have to create the pipes. There are several reasons why this is an issue:

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