Security in Our Modern Times, Part 3: My Final Thoughts

Security in our modern times and my final thoughts. This is a continuation of my other “Security in our Modern Times” post that can be found here and here and this story has gotten to a point where you just cannot make this up. So let me give you the Reader’s Digest review of the story and then give you my opinion on the latest twist and see if you agree with my opinion.


More Secure vs. Better/Cheaper/Faster … or Both?

With the myriad cases of cyber-theft and security breaches that headline the news every day, it’s no wonder that system improvements are taking a back seat to security items within most IT organizations. While many vendors highlight new products or …
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Model for Securely Moving to the Cloud

At InfoSec World 2016 in Orlando, I will be speaking on a model for securely moving to or developing for the cloud. A good model tells you not only what to consider when developing for the cloud, but also what surrounds …
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Goodbye 2015, and Here We Go, 2016

Goodbye 2015 and here we go 2016. Since this is my first post of the New Year, I wanted to start the year with a post on one of my current favorite topics for discussion and that topic to start the year right is automation. For this post, let’s concentrate on the second day operations type of automation. Second day operations is really quite a different beast from the build and decommission automation in that second day operations incorporate several different approaches to the automation. It is these approaches that I discuss a little further.