WannaCry Highlights that We’re Still Struggling to Deal with Legacy Software

There’s no need for a breathless recap of the “ransomworm” that recently spread across the globe. WannaCry was the name given to this piece of malware, and it affected hundreds of thousands of devices across more than a hundred countries.


Security: Another Key Reason for Virtualization

Aside from the production benefits of virtualization, an added benefit is improving security posture, which is paramount to most IT organizations. For those that haven’t already determined that a virtualized infrastructure is a better solution than handing out laptops with …
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Software-Defined Storage or Data Services

Software-defined storage (SDS) is about data services. Many think it is about automating storage. Yes, I can see that, but it is about what storage can deliver. So, what is the basis for SDS? There are four critical components. These …
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Security in Our Modern Times, Part 3: My Final Thoughts

Security in our modern times and my final thoughts. This is a continuation of my other “Security in our Modern Times” post that can be found here and here and this story has gotten to a point where you just cannot make this up. So let me give you the Reader’s Digest review of the story and then give you my opinion on the latest twist and see if you agree with my opinion.