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SDDC and Cloud Management Data Collection

In Understanding the Value of Unique Management Data, we explored the difference between unique data and commodity data as it pertains to the value of a monitoring solution. In Real-Time Monitoring: Almost Always a Lie, we explored the difference between real-time data collection and near real-time processing of non real-time data. In this post, we take a step back and explore what data we need and how we need to collect it to manage the software-defined data center (SDDC) and the cloud. 

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SDDC Infrastructure Performance Management

In “Building a Management Stack for Your Software Defined Data Center“, we presented a reference architecture for how one could build a new management stack for the Software Defined Data Center. In “SDDC Operations Management“, we discussed why the SDDC will require a new and different class of Operations Management solutions and laid out a process for selecting vendors to fill the Operations Management role.

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