The Pros and Cons of Private and Public PaaS

I just returned from attending the Cloud Expo in New York City this week. The conference was dominated by private and hybrid cloud topics. There were several private Platform as a Service (PaaS) vendors attending whom I spent a great deal of time talking to as I walked the floor. It seems these days that many enterprises default to private and hybrid clouds and therefore insist on private PaaS as well. It is critical that consumers of PaaS services understand the pros and cons of both public and private PaaS before making a commitment to a PaaS deployment model.


Cloud Performance – Learning from SalesForce.com

The focus upon sharing real response time and transaction load data by SalesForce.com is notable when compared with the pre-historic approach to performance that is used by many cloud vendors (and for a matter of fact many enterprise IT organizations). Response Time correlates directly to end user experience and at the end of the day that is all that matters. Hopefully the industry will learn from SalesForce.com and advance this concept further.


VMForce – Speculation on the new Salesforce.com and VMware alliance

VMForce is going to get announced on April 27th. Could this be a brand new cloud based upon SpringSource tc Server as a Java based Platform as a Service play for Force.com applications? This would benefit VMware, SalesForce.com, and the Force.com developer community.