Is Traditional IaaS Cloud a Dead Man Walking?

Traditional IaaS cloud—whether AWS’s EC2, Azure’s offering, or even a private IaaS cloud running vCloud Director, vRA, or OpenStack, to name a few—is in trouble. Now, that sounds like quite a contentious statement to make, but I feel the writing …
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VMworld 2017: SaaS Subscriptions Are the Direction Moving Forward

In my last post I mainly focused on the VMware / Amazon AWS announcement and one of the particulars and now reoccurring buzzwords that is heard with most of all the new announcements is subscription based licensing model. The reasons for the change of direction in the way VMware licenses its services moving forward is “driven by customer demand”. I have not really heard of any customers “demanding” this but regardless of the given reason, VMware has charted its course forward with SaaS subscription based service model and all of the rest of the new announcements will be based on this service model.


Oracle dip into their pockets again this time for Dyn

Oracle have been quietly building out their next generation cloud environments, building up a cloud practice with seasoned professionals that includes Ex-VCE, VMware and AWS personal.  They have released a completely new version of their IaaS layer cloud. Dipping into …
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