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March to the Cloud—Or Not?

DesktopVirtualizationCloud this, cloud that…it seems that the cloud will heal all your woes. But will it really? Some vendors are using the term “cloud” to signify various services, such Software as a Service (SaaS), private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and more. With so many clouds, how can you be sure that you’re getting the right cloud for you or whether you even need a cloud?

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In Cloud, Cost Is Everything

CloudComputingThe use of the cloud is not governed by technology so much as it is governed by cost: the cost of on-premises management, support, expertise, and environment vs. the cost of cloud services and outsourced expertise, management, etc. The cost differential must be high enough in the short term to allow it to become valid in the long term. There are lots of cloud calculators out there. Since Apple, Dropbox, and others have changed clouds or moved to their own data centers, what does this tell us about the future of cloud?

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Oracle Buys Hybrid Cloud

BusinessAgilityOracle has entered into an agreement to purchase Ravello Systems, which will be part of Oracle Cloud’s IaaS mission. This is an interesting purchase in many ways, one that boosts Oracle’s IaaS environment. However, Ravello Systems offers a bridge between multiple clouds, and that does not jive with Oracles historical approach to business. This opens up many questions, and really makes the purchase look like Oracle has bought a hybrid cloud. But is that all it bought?

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Secure Hybrid Cloud Revisited

VirtualizationSecurityAfter months of feedback and just in time for RSA 2016, I have finally finished the second version of my Secure Hybrid Cloud Reference Architecture. There are some  differences between the previous version and V2, but nothing major, as we are talking mostly about semantic changes. However, we did expand storage, add in SaaS-based clouds, and rework all of the diagrams to account for distributed firewalls. Yet, the semantic changes are pretty robust, as they reflect the modern mindset with respect to the secure hybrid cloud. Those changes alone are worth considering.

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On Web Scale

agilecloudRunning a secure hybrid cloud with an on-premises 100% virtualized environment does not make one ready for web scale. Nor does using a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). Even if the hybrid cloud is IaaS, we are still talking about something that needs to scale to billions of transactions per day. Web scale, to me, is billions of queries and transactions. That scale is not seen by many applications. Nearly every cloud service is web scale, as cloud services do hit those numbers; however, individual tenants may not be.

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