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Citrix Synergy 2017

Citrix Synergy 2017 kicked off on Tuesday morning with the main keynote from President and CEO Kirill Tatarinov. As expected, the main keynote was focused on high-level discussions about the future of virtualization. While the key focus of Citrix is clearly Cloud, he relayed a stronger understanding that on-premises deployments of Citrix technologies are alive and well.

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Oracle dip into their pockets again this time for Dyn

Oracle have been quietly building out their next generation cloud environments, building up a cloud practice with seasoned professionals that includes Ex-VCE, VMware and AWS personal.  They have released a completely new version of their IaaS layer cloud. Dipping into their not insignificant loose pocket change to make several key purchases or acquisitions this year.

Now in what should be their last acquisition of 2016 they have now acquired Dyn for an undisclosed amount; but according to Dan Primack, a former senior editor at Fortune it is expected to be in the region of $600million.

Oracle acquires Dyn to bolster their Cloud.

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SaaS Enabler: Oracle Cloud 2.0

After Oracle OpenWorld, I asked myself a simple question. How will Oracle use Oracle Cloud 2.0? AWS uses its cloud to create services such as Lambda. What will Oracle create within its cloud? More to the point, will its current SaaS offerings migrate to Oracle Cloud 2.0? Have they already? These are crucial questions to which there are no ready answers. Oracle cannot compete with Amazon, so how will Oracle become a player in the cloud?

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March to the Cloud—Or Not?

Cloud this, cloud that…it seems that the cloud will heal all your woes. But will it really? Some vendors are using the term “cloud” to signify various services, such Software as a Service (SaaS), private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and more. With so many clouds, how can you be sure that you’re getting the right cloud for you or whether you even need a cloud?

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In Cloud, Cost Is Everything

The use of the cloud is not governed by technology so much as it is governed by cost: the cost of on-premises management, support, expertise, and environment vs. the cost of cloud services and outsourced expertise, management, etc. The cost differential must be high enough in the short term to allow it to become valid in the long term. There are lots of cloud calculators out there. Since Apple, Dropbox, and others have changed clouds or moved to their own data centers, what does this tell us about the future of cloud?

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