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New Relic Rocks the APM as a Service World

For as long as there have been important applications, there have been Application Performance Management tools for monitoring these applications. APM tools have gone through two very distinct paths of evolution. The first path involved tools that really monitored the operating system that the applications ran on, and looked at interactions between the application and the OS in the form of abnormal resource utilization platters to find problems with the operation of the application. These tools were typically application agnostic, and supported every application that ran on the operating system that the tool supported. They therefore offered a great deal of breadth, but were not able to look deeply into applications to find problems within the applications themselves. Continue reading New Relic Rocks the APM as a Service World

New Relic RPM Product Review

New Relic is a company founded and run by executives, managers and technical staff that were previously involved with Wily Technology. Wily created and lead the market for enterprise J2EE application management and was ultimately acquired by CA. The team at New Relic therefore has extremely deep experience in what it takes to monitor the performance and reliability of enterprise applications, and is bringing this experience to bear in a completely new approach with New Relic RPM. Continue reading New Relic RPM Product Review

VMware’s “No OS” Application Platform Strategy

During his technical keynote at VMworld, Stephen Herrod added a fourth leg to the now familiar previous three legs of the VMware strategy. The previous three were View (Desktop), vSphere (the data center), and vCloud (the internal and external clouds). The new addition was the elevation of vApps to a fourth leg in the stool which describes the VMware strategy. This fourth leg of the stool is all about VMware as an application platform, and VMware adding value directly to how applications run. This new fourth leg ultimately results in a new strategy from VMware allowing applications platforms (and therefore applications) to be run directly in a VMware Guest without the need for an underlying Windows or Linux operating system. Continue reading VMware’s “No OS” Application Platform Strategy