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Application/Desktop Virtualization: The Big Three and … ?

ApplicationVirtualizationWhen you think of application or desktop virtualization, you likely think about “The Big Three”: Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMware Horizon View, and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. Without a doubt, these three vendors comprise the majority of the mindshare and market share.

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Performance Management for Desktop Virtualization (VDI) and Presentation Virtualization (SBC)

CIOs see selecting the right technology provider for their desktop virtualization strategy as a “significant risk”, according to research firm Ovum.  Ovum found that simplifying the management of desktops to reduce costs and increasing business agility were the top two reasons for implementing desktop virtualization, however,  an often overlooked aspect is the need to shift thinking from a device-centric perspective to a user-centric one.

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Is Running Terminal Services on a Hypervisor Viable?

Project Virtual Reality Check have released their Phase 2 white paper on Terminal Server/RDS workloads running on the latest generation Intel processor: the Xeon 5500 series (Nehalem). Besides providing some great figures to support the adoption of Intel’s Nehalem to drive high demand virtualized workloads, this is an interesting and important comparison document for those considering centralised desktop virtualisation.

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Presentation Virtualization Solutions Whitepaper

PresentationVirtualizationIn The Virtualization Practice’s whitepaper –  Presentation Virtualisation Solutions – we look to give you a summary of what benefits Presentation Virtualization can bring to your enterprise. Continue reading Presentation Virtualization Solutions Whitepaper

XenDesktop 4 Too Expensive?

XenDesktop’s initial marketing placement caused confusion, especially amongst existing Citrix customers delivering MetaFrame/Presentation Server/XenApp services. There appeared to need to be a choice between XenDesktop OR XenApp; VDI OR a Presentation Virtualization based solution. In reality, a combination of the two was often the best solution for an organisation’s business model.

XenDesktop 4.0 is offered as a complete desktop virtualization solution that Citrix hopes will address the needs of all users across an enterprise. Yet, for enterprises considering VDI the most significant part of the XenDesktop 4.0 announcement  is not the the inclusion of XenApp functionality – but the fundamental change from a per concurrent user license to a named user license.

The XenDesktop announcement is accompanied with a targeted effort to migrate XenApp customers to this new environment – and he important question is  -is it going to be cheaper for organisations to move to this all encompassing solution?

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