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VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache

VMware100x30  I’ve written in the near past about a number of different products that are helping enterprises use flash as a cache to accelerate their traditional storage workloads. One product that is helping to push the whole market forward, if only by raising awareness of the options in this space, is VMware’s own vSphere Flash Read Cache. Continue reading VMware vSphere Flash Read Cache

Proximal Data AutoCache 2.0

DataCenterVirtualizationAs the SSD invasion of the data center continues unabated, we are seeing more host-side caching solutions emerge. These solutions purport to be easier and way less expensive to implement than array-side SSD and flash, and they promise decent performance gains. The Proximal Data AutoCache is one of these products. Continue reading Proximal Data AutoCache 2.0

Infinio Accelerator

InfinioWith SSD, RAM, and flash prices falling but storage vendors maintaining their margins on array hardware there is an increasing niche for flash-based caching solutions. These solutions promise better performance at lower costs than retrofitting your legacy arrays and are becoming quite a market, especially for virtualization infrastructure. Infinio is one startup that is competing in this space. Continue reading Infinio Accelerator