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Big Data Works Harder on Holidays

The tracking of user activities increases over the holidays. A user is either a device (car, phone, tablet, etc.), a person (shopping online or off), or a thing (a credit card, etc.) The goal is to offer the users and the owners of the devices and things opportunities to buy more, to shop more, to be tracked more. It is an opportunity, one which normal people cannot avoid. A recent holiday saw the same things coming into my mailbox that show up every Monday, but each web visit led somewhere else.

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Security Questions from VMworld 2013

While at VMworld 2013, I started to ask 5 security questions that have been bothering me for some time now. Some of these questions apparently have no answers currently and others only have operational answers, no technology. Security of a secure hybrid cloud is a mix of procedures, policies, operations, and technology. These questions are about various aspects of virtual and cloud environments that have been nagging at me for some time now as well as problems I have faced managing our own cloud instances. Perhaps you have questions you would like to add to the list, if so please share.

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