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The State of DevOps in 2016

Puppet recently published its annual State of DevOps report. Previously, its 2014 report revealed that DevOps was becoming widely accepted in the enterprise. The 2015 report explained that as enterprises become more mature with DevOps, they become higher performing and release software more frequently with better quality. This year’s report has expanded the research to include employee loyalty, security, and lean product management.

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Abstraction Is the Future

The IT industry is abstracting everything it can, from hardware, to networking, to storage and more. “Abstract and build an API, and the world becomes better” seems to be the motto. Abstraction has become the goal of many subsystems. Many people seem to believe that if you move everything to software, everything will be better—and that if you use the API, things will move faster. This is all true, up to a point. Abstraction is a good thing, and we are now seeing levels of abstraction even within the hardware itself. This is also a good thing.

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The Race to Own Orchestration

There are a number of companies that are in a race to own the enterprise landscape when it comes to infrastructure automation and development pipelines (aka continuous integration and continuous deployment). What is unfolding here is very similar to what we have witnessed in the cloud market.

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VMworld US 2015: Day 4 Recap

Welcome to The Virtualization Practice’s week-long coverage of VMworld US 2015. Tune in all week for our daily recap of the major announcements and highlights from the world’s premier virtualization and cloud conference.

With all the forward-looking business out of the way (see the Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 recaps), VMworld took a breath yesterday and focused on other parts of the ecosystem. The first annual Developer Day was held as part of the VMworld DevOps program track, and it included a Hackathon where coders and non-coders could compete for prizes. Non-coders had a series of increasingly difficult challenges to complete. Coders worked to create the most useful, creative, and complex tools and services on vCloud Air, judged at the end of the day, and were awarded prizes like a guitar signed by Alabama Shakes and the Neon Trees, the VMworld Party bands.

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Recap of PuppetConf 2013 in San Francisco

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend PuppetConf 2013. When I walked into the first keynote session, I was shocked by the size of the audience.  Over 1300 people were packed into the ballroom. Another 3700 had signed up to watch the event streaming online. Last year there were 800 people at the conference and only 300 the year before. Obviously, both Puppet and DevOps are hot topics these days.

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