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Which Cloud Do You Use?

We are curious about which cloud or clouds everyone uses, as the market is rather diverse, ranging from Amazon Web Services to clouds based on OpenStack, VMware vCloud, and community clouds that meet specific needs. Are you using multiple clouds, just one cloud, or no clouds? We’d like to hear your answers to these questions. We have our heads in the clouds, as we not only write about them here but also use clouds in our daily business. This will be the first in a series of polls in which we invite you to share your opinions by voting. We’ll share the results of these polls with you in return.

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Public Cloud Reality: Do we Stay or Do We Go?

Soon the backup power will be available for our new datacenter and the redesign to make use of VMware vCloud Suite is nearing completion. Soon, our full private cloud will be ready for our existing workloads. These workloads however now run within a XenServer based public cloud.  So the question is, do we stay in a poorly performing public cloud (mentioned in our Public Cloud Reality series) or move back to our own private cloud? As the Clash put it “Should I Stay or Should I Go Now.”

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