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Citrix buys cloud storage specialist ShareFile to open post-PC workplace fight

Citrix had a busy day last week, announcing both a five-year agreement with Cisco and the acquisition of six-year-old enterprise filesharing specialist ShareFile (great name by the way).

ShareFile provides an enterprise equivalent to the ubiquitous Dropbox cloud file storage/sharing platform. Offering metered storage and bandwidth across multiple service tiers starting with a basic plan offering 5 GB of storage for $29.95 per month for a two employee account up to and Enterprise Gold plan starting at $499.95 for companies looking for over 100 user accounts. In addition for an increase in storage and bandwidth, as the service tiers rise, so do the available features. The professional account offering storage encryption, an Outlook plug-in, and desktop synchronization. At the top end the Enterprise Gold service extends this to provide enterprise synchronization services, drive mapping, SAML and Active Directory integration, as well as a command line interface and API to enable task automation and integration with enterprise management tools.

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