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When SaaS Goes Awry

CloudComputingRecently, I have had a spate of calendar issues from various sources and of various types. Some calendar entries are given the wrong time zone, others show up on one device but not another, and some have no email capability embedded. All of these issues occur when various calendar services are used by those sending me events (e.g., Google Calendar, Outlook 365, or local services such as ownCloud and others). When you consider the SaaS you use for calendars, contacts, and the like, do you think about potential problems and how to avoid them? Try as I might, the solution to the calendar issue does not seem forthcoming. I live off my calendar; I am sure others do as well. So, how can we fix this issue? Is there a service out there that is always correct?

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The People behind Virtualization Technologies

DesktopVirtualizationAs technologists, we tend to focus on a product’s technology itself. How does the software, hardware, appliance, widget, or whatever work? While this is certainly an important consideration, the people who design, build, sell, and support the product may have the greatest impact on the product’s usability.

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