Process, People, Ptechnology, and Politics

The four Ps of security, DevOps, Agile Cloud Development, and cloud migration are Process, People, Ptechnology, and Politics. In that order. The Ptechnology piece is by far the easiest piece, though it is often considered to be critical. Without Process …
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Enterprises Operate Their IT; Hyperscalers Build Their IT

There is a lot of talk of having enterprises build and operate IT infrastructure the same way hyperscalers do. AWS, Google, and Microsoft can build and operate cloud platforms that are very cost effective. The logic is that enterprise businesses …
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No Matter How Many Tools You Have, IT Is Practised by People

No matter how much technology we have, everything is about people. Even the best tools and automation can fail if the people operating them are not good at IT. Often we buy tools to fix problems, only to find that the …
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The People behind Virtualization Technologies

As technologists, we tend to focus on a product’s technology itself. How does the software, hardware, appliance, widget, or whatever work? While this is certainly an important consideration, the people who design, build, sell, and support the product may have …
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