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Maritz/Gelsinger – Virtualization and the Cloud Diverging?

So far we know this much for sure. Pat Gelsinger from EMC is going to replace Paul Maritz as CEO of VMware, and Paul Maritz is going to become Chief Strategist at EMC. It is also fairly likely that there is much that we do not know, and in fact it is likely that we cannot even firmly list thing things that we do not know (we do not know what we do not know (and you thought only the government had that problem)).

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VMware – The Next Great Platform Company?

Watching Paul Maritz and Todd Nielson run VMware is giving me a serious case of déjà vu. In 1995 and 1996, I was Gartner’s Research Director for the Windows System Software platform (the Windows OS – Server and Desktop). Windows 95 had just taken the world by storm, and Windows NT was just getting going. I had written the research note telling Gartner’s customers that OS/2 was dead, that they should not buy any more of it and that they had three years to migrate away from it to Windows. Paul Maritz was in charge of the Windows development team and Todd Nielson had (in my opinion) the most important job on the Windows team. Todd ran the ISV program designed to get third party developer support (in the form of software companies and teams writing custom programs for enterprises) for Windows tools and the Windows OS.

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