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A Cloud of Your Own

VirtualizationSecurityEver since iOS 7 came out with its corresponding version of iTunes, I have not been able to sync my iPhone contacts and calendars directly to my MacBook any more. Since that update, you have to use iCloud (preferred by Apple), or you have to roll your own cloud that has similar functionality. This seems even more difficult than it sounds, and to this day I still don’t have everything working. But the majority is. So, do you need a Cloud of Your Own?

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Privacy and the IoT

CloudComputingPrivacy is defined many different ways, but however you define it, when it comes to how corporations use data your privacy becomes very important. What companies do with your data may at times seem like an invasion of your privacy, but in these cases, privacy has well-defined limitations in the eyes of the law. Will the Internet of Things (IoT) change the definition of privacy in the context of computing? Let us consider Google’s purchase of Nest. What could it have gained by this, other than to have one more IoT device within its family of products? Continue reading Privacy and the IoT

Upgrade to the Clouds

CloudComputingQuite a few upgrades and new products have come out over the last few months. Some have forced many people to rethink their stance toward the cloud, management of resources, and technologies involved. For many, upgrades should upgrade but not change major functionality (or at least the way they use the upgraded tool). When this happens, there is usually a backlash from the users. To avoid that, different solutions, or even new ones, may be needed to replace those that caused the serious issues with the users. Upgrades should cause very little change to how business is done except to provide new features. Unfortunately, we are seeing a rash of upgrades that are forcing people to rethink how they use a cloud and are actually forcing people to use clouds. Continue reading Upgrade to the Clouds

Application Security using Secure Cloud Storage

CloudComputingVMware’s Project Octopus and others like ownCloud and Oxygen Cloud have stirred some interesting ideas about Application Security. Those applications that make use of SSL, nearly every web application, can make use of secure cloud storage for certificate verification means. What makes SSL MiTM attacks possible, is mostly related to poor certificate management. If there was a way to alleviate the need for the user to be involved in this security decision, then SSL MiTM attacks would be significantly reduced. Continue reading Application Security using Secure Cloud Storage