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Can One OS Rule Them All?

Is there still a chance that one OS could rule them all?

At a recent Windows User Group meeting, I was astounded to hear the speaker talk about the Internet of Things in conjunction with Windows 10. When I asked him if that meant my fridge would reboot every Patch Tuesday, he laughed it off. But I wasn’t joking. Far from it. Is Microsoft still going down the route of “one OS to rule them all”? More importantly, if it is, then is there any sense in adopting this approach?

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Cloud + DaaS Licensing May Be Better in 2014?

The DaaS (Desktop as a Service) market is maturing, and more great products are being released every day to facilitate DaaS functionality. But just like the foundation of a house affects what you can build on it, Microsoft’s unwillingness to offer VDI licensing for the desktop operating system still presents a major challenge to the stability and growth of this market.

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Google Chromium OS – the Open Source Desktop Operating System for the Cloud?

In much of our analysis of  Cloud computing we are concerned with technologies from the center of the Cloud, The actual user interface to the cloud – the device through which cloud services are consumed – becomes almost an afterthought. And yet there is no doubt that for organizations that can provide both services in the cloud, and own the control points in the devices that access those services, the prize to be gained by delivery of services, and intermediation of third-party services (payment systems, advertising, product promotion etc.) will dwarf those of the traditional software or hardware vendor.

It’s a different way of thinking about the Cloud, where the starting point is not the DataCenter, or the IT service, or the “user”, but the direct delivery of consumer services. Into this vision plays Chromium OS (released to Open Source on November 19th).  Google devices delivering Google services (and other services intermediated by Google) from the Cloud to consumers.

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