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EMCworld Announcements

There were quite a number of interesting announcements at EMCworld this year. The most important is that the Dell-EMC merger is on track to complete its reorganization as Dell Technologies. Dell Technologies will join the ranks of the largest hardware and software vendors worldwide. EMC also announced several new hardware options and software services, and gave adoption rates for services started last year. All in all, EMC had a very good year. Further, while VMware, Pivotal, and RSA were absent from the show’s keynotes, making more time to discuss the merger, they were far from absent from the show floor.

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Hoping for a More Open VMware

One of the things we associate with existing IT infrastructure vendors is their determination to go it alone for a major portion of their businesses. Vendor each believe that their solution is the best. They feel that integrating with competing solutions is unnecessary. Oracle and Microsoft were the most well-known examples, happily attracting users with a locked-in architecture and using that dominance to stifle competition. VMware has also exhibited this trait. You may layer additional technologies on top of vSphere, but you cannot put another hypervisor under a VMware product. What we see in open source is a willingness to integrate with other solutions, even competing projects. We are seeing some signs of a change in VMware, but not the dramatic shift that Microsoft has made.

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Ansible Automation Technology

It was quite the week attending the VMworld 2015 conference in San Francisco, but all good things must come to an end at some point, and this event is no exception. During my time there, I have had several briefings from a variety of different companies on their technologies. Given my love and passion for automation, I wanted to introduce you to a company called “Ansible,” if you have not had the opportunity to hear about it before.

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