Was 2012 “The Year of VDI”?

An end of year survey by Entelechy Associates suggests that this may well be the case. The survey showed that while the total number of desktops being delivered using VDI was still less than 10%, 55% of enterprises either have systems in production or are actively testing, running pilot deployments with 100 or more users.


OnLive – bad management, or an example of DaaS immaturity?

Could OnLive have succeeded? Were they doomed to failure to failure before the off? What are the key questions you should be looking to have answered from your DaaS service provider? It is said that OnLive give an example how-not-to-do DaaS. DaaS is viewed as an upcoming market – is there a wider lesson to be learned from OnLive’s failure?


OnLive Desktop Inching Towards Viability

OnLive, the desktop pundits favorite DaaS provider, is one step closer to being able to offer a viable and fully compliant virtual “desktop” service following the stealth update of its platform from a Windows 7 based VDI service to a Windows Server 8 R2 Remote Desktop Services offering. While this move eliminates the threat to the service that attempting to run a set based on a licensing model that was not compliant with Microsoft’s licensing policies, OnLive is still not out of the woods.