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Virtualization Security Team-Ups

Last year there was a rush of investment in the virtualization security startups which led to some interesting team-ups:

  • HyTrust was invested in by Cisco and others.
  • Altor Networks was invested in by Juniper and teamed up with Juniper as well.
  • Reflex Systems teamed up with Tipping Point.

Missing from this list until now was Catbird Security. Their continuous compliance products where however picked up by some rather large customers: Amazon and many government agencies.

Catbird and HyTrust have teamed up to deliver a product that provides front-end access and compliance control for well understood actions via HyTrust, for all other actions, including intrusions, Catbird Security provides compliance control, firewall, IDS, and IPS. In other words, proactive security via HyTrust and reactive security via Catbird.

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