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One OpenStack to Rule Them All: Bare Metal to Clouds


At VMworld 2014, VMware announced its easy-to-install OpenStack distribution, VMware Integrated OpenStack. This got me thinking, as normally OpenStack refers not just to the OpenStack distribution but to a specific underlying hypervisor as well, usually KVM. However, we know that OpenStack works equally well on KVM, vSphere, Hyper-V, and Xen, as it is more of a cloud management layer than a hypervisor. We should probably never lose sight of that little aspect of OpenStack: it is not a hypervisor. As an open-source management stack, it is possible for it to manage cross-hypervisor with a few modifications to its components.

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OpenStack: What it is not….

OpenStack LogoThe OpenStack conference 2012 is full of OpenStack fans, aficionados, developers, and companies making a business using the ecosystem. However, I kept hearing that OpenStack was a replacement for VMware. So why is this even a possibility, and why did Rackspace and now HP build public clouds using this technology? The easy answer is to save money. But is that the only answer? What is OpenStack and why is it becoming important? Continue reading OpenStack: What it is not….