dvSwitch — Curse Your Inevitable Betrayal!

I will admit, I was surprised recently to discover that VMware has announced the end of life of its third-party virtual switches (vSwitch). These have been a part of the vSphere ecosystem for many years now. This relationship with other vendors …
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Cloud: The Great Disaggregated Everything

As I’ve thought about how to implement high-performance, very large-scale networks within a secure hybrid cloud, I have come to the conclusion that the cloud works best with disaggregated network functions. This is the goal of network function virtualization, or …
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Hyperconverged Design: Limit CPU Consumption by Limiting Storage Performance

I am intrigued by the design decisions that are made as products are developed. I find it amazing how often problems are solved in completely different ways in different products. Sometimes these decisions show up when you are not expecting …
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On Enterprises and Service Providers

“Service provider” and “enterprise” are often seen as opposites in networking circles. (For the purposes of this article, “enterprise” means “business” rather than “large business.”) I’m fortunate to have worked closely with both service providers and enterprises. The contrast is indeed …
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