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The Network Performance Management vs Application Performance Management Debate

There have recently been a spate of articles and blogs that are attempting to create a contest between “Network Performance Management” tools and “Application Performance Management” tools.  This includes a Network Computing survey that finds fault with APM solutions, and a SOA World Magazine comparison that tries to compare the two types of solutions. This is silly and unproductive. It is far more productive to approach this problem from the perspectives of what your needs and applications look like.

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Virtualization Performance and Availability Monitoring – A Reference Architecture

In “A Perfect Storm in Availability and Performance Monitoring“, we proposed that legacy products from the physical environment should not be brought over into your new virtualized environment and that you should in fact start over with a horizontally layered approach, choosing a scaled out, and highly flexible product that can integrate with products at adjacent layers. In this post we will propose a Reference Architecture which can be used to accomplish this.

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