Is the Third Party Market for Virtualization Performance Management Alive or Dead?

Now the VMware is shipping AppSpeed and owns Hyperic, the question has to be asked? Should companies looking for performance and capacity management tools for their VMware environments look just to VMware to meet these needs, or should they also continue to look at third party solutions?


News: Akorri Intoduces BalancePoint 3.0 to Assure Virtual Infrastructure Performance

Akorri, a leader in virtual infrastructure performance and capacity management for the dynamic data center, today announced the availability of BalancePoint 3.0 – the latest version of the company’s award-winning virtual infrastructure management software. BalancePoint 3.0 allows IT organizations to optimize virtual and physical server and storage infrastructure resources to reduce costs. As companies advance through the stages of server virtualization adoption, they need an infrastructure-wide analytical systems management solution like BalancePoint that provides visibility and control to troubleshoot and assure performance, plan server and storage capacity, and manage service levels.


VMware and SpringSource – The Hyperic Monitoring Story

When VMware bought SpringSource they got three things:

1. Development Tools
2. Java application frameworks (runtime infrastructure for Java based applications)
3. Performance and Availability management tools that came as a result of SpringSource buying the assets of Hyperic earlier this year

Now that VMware owns Hyperic, it owns a monitoring solution that focuses upon the availability and resource utilization of servers, both physical and virtual. This puts VMware in the position to compete directly with third party vendors that have had this space largely to themselves, and will force these vendors to focus on new positioning and new differentiation in order to be competitive.