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Software Defined Data Center Analytics

SDDC.Management.Stack.Reference.ArchitectureMoving the configuration of the environment from the hardware that supports the environment to a layer of software which can collectively manage all of the storage, networking, compute, and memory resources of the environment is one of the main points of the SDDC. Once all of the configuration of the data center is moved into software, and some of the execution of the work is moved into software, SDDC Data Center Analytics will play a critical role in keeping your SDDC up and running with acceptable performance.

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Are we going to see real progress in IT Automation and Service Assurance in 2012?

In “VMware Articulates a Compelling Management Vision – Automated Service Assurance“, we detailed the strategy the VMware announced at VMworld Las Vegas in the fall of 2011. The cornerstone of that strategy was to open up a new ROI for virtualization. This new ROI is based upon OPEX savings that come from automating IT Operations, in contrast to the CAPEX savings that come the server consolidation that has fueled the virtualization industry so far.

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Is it Time to Reorganize Data Center Operations?

Listening to Paul Maritz describe VMware’s vision for automated Data Center Operations at VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas last month (a review of which is in this post), caused a very important issue to surface in follow up conversation with several attendees at the show. The issue is the degree to which the current organization of Data Center Operations would prevent an enterprise from being able to attain the benefits of automated IT Operations.

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VMware Articulates a Compelling Management Vision – Automated Service Assurance

VMware has made it known for quite some time that virtualization, private clouds (IT as a Service), hybrid clouds, and public clouds will create the need for a new management stack, and that VMware intends to be an aggressive supplier of such a new management stack. However, what VMware has never before said is precisely what would be different about this new management stack (other than it explicitly supporting vSphere) than all of the other management stacks that have existed for all of the other computing platforms in the world.

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Your VMworld 2011 Enterprise Virtualization Performance and Capacity Management Short List

With VMworld 2011 around the corner whose booth’s should you visit? Well if you are an enterprise with a large scale virtualization initiative then performance and capacity management should be at or near the top of your mind.  VMware clearly agrees as they have announced and delivered vCenter Operations specifically to meet this need. So after you go see vC Ops Enterprise, what else should you go see? 

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Dell a Virtualization Management Leader?

In July 2010, Dell acquired Scalent a vendor that allowed for the rapid provisioning and reconfiguration of server, network and storage resources. This was clearly an IT agility play. In September 2010, Dell did an OEM deal with DynamicOPS adding the DynamicOPS private cloud (or IT as a Service) management stack to its Virtual Integrated System (VIS) architecture. Now Dell has done a similar deal with Netuitive, adding direct monitoring of vSphere, integration with just about every monitoring tool on the planet, and real-time self-learning analytics to the VIS portfolio.

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