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A Perfect Storm in Availability and Performance Monitoring

Monitoring computing infrastructure and applications for capacity, availability, and performance is a business that has been around for a long time – in fact for just about as long as computers have been used for business critical applications (since the mainframe lead era of the 1960’s). Since that time several waves of change have swept through the computer industry, and with each wave of change has come new computing architectures, new applications, requirements for monitoring and new monitoring approaches. Those waves have included mini-computers, personal computers, LAN based file sharing, client/server based computing, Internet (browser) based computing, N-tier SOA based applications, and now include agile development, virtualization, cloud based computing, and the proliferation of mobile based applications. Continue reading A Perfect Storm in Availability and Performance Monitoring

NetApp to Acquire Akorri

On January 12 2011, NetApp announced that it is going to acquire Akorri. The significance of this can only be understood by first going through some background on Akorri.

Akorri was founded in 2005 by Rich Corley, a serial entrepreneur. Rich has a very deep background in storage and in particular in how storage performance impacts the performance of workloads that rely upon storage systems. At the time of the founding virtualization was not the overwhelming phenomena that it is today and the focus of Akorri was upon understanding how the intersection of storage performance and the performance of the rest of the infrastructure (servers and networks) impacted the performance of the overall system. Continue reading NetApp to Acquire Akorri

A Rising Tide Lifts all Virtual Boats

John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States once said that “A rising tide lifts all boats”. This was in reference to a strong economic growth, which benefits most if not all participants in that economy. While the entire economy has not be exceptionally strong of late, companies related to the virtualization technology sector have been chalking up increasingly strong results.  For Q1/2010 here are some recent revenue and earnings reports: Continue reading A Rising Tide Lifts all Virtual Boats

Cisco – VMware – NetApp an Interesting Approach to Secure Multi-Tenancy

The Cisco-VMware-NetApp (CVN) was discussed on the Virtualization Security Podcast as it pertains to Secure Multi-Tenancy (SMT). This is a major concern that was also discussed at RSA Conference 2010 within the Cloud Security Alliance Summit. The question still remains how to achieve this goal however. CVN is a very good start, but as we discussed on the podcast is missing some key elements listed below:

FCoE Update – The Good News and The Bad News

FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) is a relatively new industry effort designed to combine the lossless features of FC with the ubiquity of Ethernet. FCoE is essentially Fibre Channel (FC) frames encapsulated in Ethernet packets using Ethernet links instead of Fibre Channel links. Nonetheless, at the upper layers it is still Fibre Channel which allows for the preservation of existing FC infrastructures – a major design goal. FCoE allows storage and network traffic to be converged onto one set of cables, switches and adapters thereby reducing cables, energy consumption and heat generation. Storage management using an FCoE interface has the same look and feel as storage management with traditional FC interfaces. Nonetheless, FCoE is Layer 2 only and this fact greatly impacts its capabilities. This industry standards effort depends on the coordinated work of three standards bodies:

  • IEEE for Ethernet extensions
  • INCITS/ANSI T11committee for the Fibre Channel protocols
  • IETF for routing

The Good News Continue reading FCoE Update – The Good News and The Bad News

NetApp Previews SnapManager for Hyper-V; Grows Presence in Microsoft’s Ecosystem

In a recent blog post, Nick Triantos sneak previews NetApp’s SnapManager for Hyper-V (SMHV).  SnapManager is a popular product that automates and manages the creation, restoration and deletion of hardware based point-in-time snapshot copies provided by NetApp’s storage systems.

SMHV is backup and recovery software that enables backups of VMs as a group(s) according to protection policies set by the backup administrator as well as recover these VMs individually. It provides integration with the Microsoft Hyper-V VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Services) writer to quiesce the Hyper-V VMs before taking a consistent snapshot of the target virtual machines. SMHV also provides a VSS requestor component that Continue reading NetApp Previews SnapManager for Hyper-V; Grows Presence in Microsoft’s Ecosystem