News from the Storage World

News from the storage world. My last post reported on the virtualization vendors fourth quarter results and this post is reporting on some things from the storage side of the industry. The source of these results are the Cleveland Research, the individual company reports, CRC and Factset Estimates.
First let me present some year over year numbers from Dell / EMC, NetApp, HP, Pure, Nimble and finally Nutanix. Let me present the year over year numbers so we can get a better understanding on how the storage world is doing.


NetApp Picks Up SolidFire; Should Someone Pick Up NetApp?

A week later than some people predicted, the news has broken. NetApp has bought SolidFire for $870M. This continues the trend for established storage companies to acquire start-ups with great flash products rather than building their own. SolidFire initially targeted the service provider …
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News: VMTurbo Extends Software Driven Control into the Storage and UCS Fabric Layers

VMTurbo has extended its ability to ensure that important workloads get the right resources to include automatic software based control of NetApp storage resources and Cisco UCS resources. This is a breakthrough in automated control systems for highly dynamic environments, and may well become an essential capability for the management of the forthcoming Software Defined Data Center.


When and Where to Use NAND Flash SSD for Virtual Servers

Keeping in mind that the best server and storage IO is the one that you do not have to do, then second best is that which has the least impact combined with best benefit to an application. This is where SSD, including DRAM- and NAND-flash-based solutions, comes into the conversation for storage performance optimization.