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Windows MultiPoint Server

Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server – globally available from March 1, 2010 – is a “shared resource computing solution designed for educational institutions”.  It is a Presentation Virtualization solution based on Windows 2008 server, and sharing codebase with Remote Desktop Server (i.e. the product formerly known as Terminal Services). It is designed to deal with a specific market requirement in Education: the sharing of a single desktop computer by multiple students.  The anticipated use case involves installation of “zero client” devices – typically USB-connected devices that offer connectivity for mice, keyboards and monitors.  It also can be used to persuade people no longer to share Windows XP licences in ways that are “a bit dodgy”.  The press is full of “yes this really works, there is enough power on a PC for more than one user”, which given the recent increases in processing power will hardly come as a shock those who remember 50 Citrix users on an NT4 server in 2000, or indeed a dozen vt52 terminals into the back of a PDP11 in the early 1980s.

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