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Windows Phone Continuum: A True PC Replacement?

DesktopVirtualizationWhen traveling on business, ideally I’d carry just a phone, a credit card, and my ID. Reality dictates, though, that I’ll need something with a decent-sized screen if I’m going to do more than answer emails. I could swap the phone for a tablet and carry just one device. A 10-inch tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard makes a pretty good laptop replacement, but I need something that I can use to make voice calls without the costs and compromises imposed by VoIP and international data plans.

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Virtualized Mobility

PresentationVirtualizationMobile World Congress is in full swing in Barcelona, Spain, this week. This year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and numerous other devices were added to the myriad options that users can purchase. While there have been many announcements about new mobile devices, manufacturers are making it clear that this year won’t be as robust as last in terms of sales of new smartphone and tablet devices. Nevertheless, last year was the turning point when the number of mobile devices worldwide exceeded desktop devices, so as expected, mobility continues to reign as monarch.

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Mobile Devices and Desktops = Secure, Virtualized Applications?

ApplicationVirtualizationWith the number of mobile devices in use now surpassing that of desktops worldwide, the application virtualization requirements of business mobile users continues to grow exponentially. Whether these users access their business apps from a smartphone, tablet, or—the latest buzzword—“phablet,” their common denominator is their demand for more and better business applications on the go.

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Citrix Synergy 2014: Will the Vision Hit the Mark?

Citrix100x30Although the Citrix Synergy 2014 agenda focuses on mobility, the newest and largest sponsors instead seem to be entrenched in storage and add-ons to the traditional XenApp/XenDesktop offerings. While mobility does have a growing place in business solutions, is the market headed in one direction while Citrix attemps to lead us down another path?

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