Whatever Happened to App Refactoring?

Application refactoring, or “app refactoring,” as it became more widely known, is a procedural concept that was earmarked as a growth area over the last few years. According to TechTarget, app refactoring is “…the restructuring of existing computer code to …
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Chris Fleck: Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

I had a chance to speak with Chris Fleck, Citrix’s VP of mobility solutions and associated alliances, for episode 14 of our Virtualization EUC Podcast a while back. Our conversation focused on mobility, naturally. Talk revolved around some of Citrix’s …
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Mobile Devices and Desktops = Secure, Virtualized Applications?

With the number of mobile devices in use now surpassing that of desktops worldwide, the application virtualization requirements of business mobile users continues to grow exponentially. Whether these users access their business apps from a smartphone, tablet, or—the latest buzzword—“phablet,” …
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