Model for Securely Moving to the Cloud

At InfoSec World 2016 in Orlando, I will be speaking on a model for securely moving to or developing for the cloud. A good model tells you not only what to consider when developing for the cloud, but also what surrounds …
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Strategy for Cloud Automation

Strategy for Cloud Automation. There is a lot of post about the Cloud and Cloud Computing but have not seen to many post or articles that discusses different strategy to consider when it comes to the automation in your environment. I did comes across a nice post called Legacy Job Schedulers: 3 Effective Exit Strategies to Consider by Jim Manias from Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. that had some interesting points and thought it would be a great topic for discussion. In this post, Jim Manias, starts old school with a reminder that the early stages of automation were managed via schedulers from the host system to kick off the scripts when triggered either manually or from an event. Actually in all practical purposes if you use PowerShell for any of your automation needs, chances are you have used the Windows Scheduler in one form or another.


Citrix: New Migration Tool to Transition from VMware View 6.1 to XenDesktop 7.6

The application and desktop virtualization war between Citrix and VMware continues to escalate. Yesterday, Citrix released the VMware Migration Tool, which enables a fast and easy transition from VMware View 6.1 to XenDesktop 7.6. This tool works to migrate not …
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