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Current State of Virtualization

DataCenterVirtualizationIn my last article, my topic of conversation was the state of the cloud as it stands in the start of the year 2016. Following that discussion, I want to move a little further down the stack and discuss the state of affairs of virtualization, based on financial results and insight from conference calls.

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State of the Clouds

CloudComputingIt’s the state of the clouds! As we float further along into 2016, the overall state of affairs for cloud services remains very strong, with over fifty percent year-to-year growth being reported in the fourth quarters of 2014 and 2015. Moving right along into 2016, the absolute growth should continue, with the largest growth opportunity expected to be in the small and medium business and mid-market customers. This is followed by the large enterprises, which will continue the migration of services like email and databases into the cloud space. Cleveland Research published a sales comparison chart that shows the growth rate for 2015 and the estimated growth for 2016.

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Orchestration in the 21st Century Data Centers

BusinessAgilityAutomation has evolved from its humble beginnings as a local basic scheduler kicking off scripts and tasks into an enterprise-level tool used in most, if not all, of the unique silos that encompass corporate IT. In this article, I focus on some of the different kinds of automation engines that are in use. This post will not even begin to touch on all of the different products and solutions that are out there, and I certainly won’t claim that there is any one right way or tool. However, I would like to go on record to say that, in my humble opinion, there is one primary wrong answer with automation, and that wrong answer is to be completely dependent on any one solution or product itself.

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Windows 10 Is Born — Will It Change the World?

DesktopVirtualizationOn the 29th of July, Microsoft released to the world the latest iteration of its highly popular desktop operating system. Well, I say “popular” because in over 80% of all desktops and notebooks it is the desktop operating system of choice. However, “choice” may be too strong a word, as the OS comes with the hardware, so perhaps “Hobson’s Choice” would be a better phrase.

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